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Are you confused about your online prescence, social media profiles and email marketing campaigns?  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Our Questions to you

What do you want to achieve from your website?

Saying “we want a better website” is like saying, “we want a better business”. But what exactly does “a better business” mean? Do you want to increase revenue? Maximize profitability? Or maybe improve customer satisfaction?

Most Materials Handling businesses typically want the company website to attract and engage more prospects, generate more leads, better support the company brand and raise awareness.

Do you want to sell your products and services online?

Many people think that creating an online store and selling products with just a “buy now” button is a formula for success, however is it really the best option for our industry? We believe that this is not always the best route to market. Surely you would want to offer your potential clients a chance to learn about all of your services and be sure that the machine they are about to purchase is suitable for their application.

Would you like to promote your products and services to local businesses?

If you are in a service-based industry, free resources and tips from your business can go a long way – you’ll become their go-to when searching for information, leading to potential new clients. If you are a product or brand, invest in photography and video and create a consistent brand identity with your assets. It’s also worth knowing that video is one of the most engaging assets, so use it whenever possible.

Would you like to generate more enquiries online?

The very first thing you should do to increase website leads is optimize your site. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the best way to make your website more visible in search results for targeted keywords or phrases. The process often involves evaluating, adding, and revising written content to ensure it will help a website rank highly.

Do you want more followers on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok?

Growing your business on social media is a cost effective way to grow online. Google LOVE social media platforms and page rankings grow as a result of increased page activity. Blog posts on your website that are shared via social media will reap rewards.

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We know how busy things can get and all you really want is an answer to a simple question. We hope this section covers all of the most popular questions, however if you need further assistance please make contact.

Our websites start from as little as £299.00 for a one page site showcasing your products and services. Most of the websites we build for clients include 5 – 6 pages and a showroom for machines priced at around £1,500.00. Integration with Woocommerce and payment gateways for online sales take a little longer to build and average around £2,000.00 depending on the overall size of your online store.

We offer website hosting on our own managed server shared only with our clients. Many hosting providers will host your website on a server with 1000’s of other customers resulting in far slower page load times and higher risks of downtime.

Email set up is quite a simple process and we will send a foolproof user guide to help you set up your PC’s, tablets and mobile phones.

We manage over 100 social media profiles for our clients, we can redesign your social media pages to make your brand consistant between all profiles and platforms. If you opted for our social media management package we would also write and post your monthly blog posts across Facebook, Twitter and your Google business pages.

Mailchimp is the most widely used email marketing software in the world. FLTMA can assist with the design of your email campaigns. A basic Mailchimp account is FREE and allows users to send 2000 mails per month. Larger packages are available.

Grow on social media

It’s a well known fact that a builders house is always the last to be renovated! And as a forklift marketing agency the same rings true for us … we would rather spend our time growing our clients following.