Google, SEO and the Forklift Truck

According to most dictionaries, the word “refurbish” means, “to renovate and redecorate” and applies primarily to buildings. The word “recondition” means to “overhaul or renovate a vehicle engine or piece of equipment.” Why, then, is the expression “refurbished forklift” cropping up online so much these days? There are a couple of reasons why. Both lack integrity, but one is downright dishonest.

In order for search engines to find your topic and list it in the appropriate category, bloggers use “keywords”. The problem with keywords is that some of them are more popular than others. Accurate keywords like “reconditioned forklifts” and “used forklifts” are used in thousands of blogs and articles. Therefore, your odds of making it to the coveted first or second page of Google with those keywords are next to nothing. What’s the solution? Find a less used keyword.

It seems like some reconditioned forklift bloggers will do anything to get noticed. They do keyword searches to find something that means more or less the same as “reconditioned” and combine it with “forklift” or “lift truck” in a desperate attempt to make it to the top of the charts. “Refurbished forklift” has a lot less competition that “reconditioned forklift.” It may not mean the same thing, but so what? As long as it gets noticed, that’s all that matters to these “black hat” internet marketers.

Here at Forklift Web Solutions we do not believe in “black hat” marketing we write content that is relevant and honest.

A good blog and creative, informative and entertaining content goes a long way to achieving higher rankings. 

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